Critical thinking and nomad museology

Critical thinking and nomadic museology (cultural diversity and community memory II)

The analyses of contemporary social processes tend to propose a methodology that evaluates flux and rhizomatic configurations. The social reality (given by the awareness of relevance) and the games of the actors in process implies methods of analyzing the changes. Conflicts and actors are in the process. However, in questions of identities there are invariables or constants that constitute values and principles that have lower rates of change.

In the analysis of the construction of memory of the communities, made from the participatory processes, through meridional epistemic practices (the knowledge production in horizontal relations, made through the actors) aims not only to create new relations of power based on dignity human relationship, as well as allowing new relational ties to be rebuilt on the basis of self-recognition and the other.

The recognition of cultural diversity as hermeneutics requires that the validation of scientific production be less focused on the production of hegemonic knowledge, created from hegemonic actors (overvaluation of science); to give space to the emergence of a production of knowledge that is close to the gnosiological architecture of the communities (appreciation of diversity).

This issue is particularly evident in working contexts with violent or traumatic memories. The process of reparation of violence in hegemonic communities implies working from cultural diversity, not to reverse subordinate memories in hegemonic and vice versa, but to recognize the difference, to work from this diversity to create new memories that overcome the trauma.

Publicado por Pedro Pereira Leite

Dinamizador do Museu Educação Global e Diversidade Cultural Museu Afro Digital - Portugal. Museu da Autonomia.

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