The cultural diversity of memories and communities (III)

Social museology and violence in contexts of memory institutions.

It is recognized that the differences of each community make different ways of responses to the forms of violence to be be worked. By opening a research program close to the target communities of violence, it implies that researchers are prepared to work with diversity. Appropriate responses must be found to each cultural and social context of each community. These types of programs are included within the procedures of Meridional epistemologies, which differ from the research needs of academies.

Research processes require specific times to understand specific problems, which often forces the questioning of our and others’ values, from which knowledge innovation can be reconstructed.

In short, the practice of otherness that cultural diversity demands has the potential to increase the depth and extent of understanding of the cultural territories of communities.

Thinking from the ontology of the community, is not just to apply to the ability to listen to the other. It is from this listening to building innovation. If we consider social processes as rhizomatic flows, we must think that the search for innovative flows for the creation of alive. And among the possibilities of choosing paths, we must make choices for those who present themselves as generators of life (seed cities).

Social museology and its institutions should be thought of as an educational institution for the formation of human beings, and not as a place for the construction of hegemonic narratives or the creation of technicalities.

Publicado por Pedro Pereira Leite

Dinamizador do Museu Educação Global e Diversidade Cultural Museu Afro Digital - Portugal. Museu da Autonomia.

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