Introducing A Frame of Mind: A new podcast takes a hard look at race in America through the lens of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

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This week I became an enthusiastic listener and fan of the new podcast, A Frame of Mind. This podcast covers so much ground—from urban planning in Kansas City, to residential segregation, to memory, memorials, to colonial legacies, to labor history, and healing. It’s expert storytelling about the stories we tell in and about museums.

While rooted in the Kansas City context, many museums will undoubtedly find echoes of their own history reflected back to them in some or all of these episodes. In fact, the show could serve as onboarding material for new staff at museums across the country. For those museums actively re-examining their past or who want to start, this podcast might inspire you on that journey or prompt new questions such as: “Whose memory and experience should guide the evolution of the museum’s historic narrative?” We extend our deep thanks to this week’s guest contributor Jocelyn Edens…

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